Owning Your Superpower

I’ve been doing my dream job of voice-over for over 12 years now. I took the leap from part-time to full-time seven years ago when I was on the verge of having my second child. And it worked out marvelously. To do the work I love while having my babies around me was, and still is, an absolute gift.

In my family we have a saying: “Never say no to an opportunity until it’s offered.” So when I was voicing e-learning courses I was designing for a software company and suddenly discovered that voice over was an actual career…well, those who knew me weren’t surprised to hear that I went for it.

But those who work with me now may be surprised to hear my story.  My background isn’t one colored with theatre studies or radio personalities.  It’s a path that grew organically from training as an Elementary Education teacher.  And that is where my journey began.  

From Elementary Ed, I transferred my love of teaching to an Environmental Ed non-profit where I was fortunate enough to teach in the woods and, between classes, work as Admin to bring memberships into the New Age of Technology (this little tidbit is the catalyst that changed the course of my journey).  I trained people to use the database and created the supporting documentation.   Then it dawned on me…I could teach in the tech world too!  So I jumped…..

…..And landed my first tech job in the Software World world as a trainer, doc writer and course designer.  Jumped again and landed at another software company, implementing a CRM systems and training the staff.  And yet jumped again creating an e-learning branch of a 3rd software company.  And finally, my 4th and last leap in the tech world is where my Voice Over path began. During this time, I was told of an Intro to Voice Over class.  I decided to attend to improve my narration for the courses I was creating – and that’s when it happened.  I realized Voice Over, this amazing thing, was a career.  That was over 10 years ago.  And the rest is living history.  

For many years, I thought my lack of theatre and radio was a weakness.  That I was somehow behind in the game.  But what I know now, as a successful voice actor for such a wide variety of clients, is that my SUPERPOWER – my Passion for Sharing Knowledge -  far outshines the absence of anything else from my previous life.

Today I use this superpower to create community, inspire adventure, evoke thought and connect people to stories.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.

So what’s your Superpower?  Some of you may already know.  Some of you may need to search a bit and that’s perfectly healthy. But just remember, sometimes you need to jump to discover.  And sometimes you may just need to “Never say no to an opportunity until it’s offered.”