Being a voice actor can be a bit like a pendulum. When I step behind the microphone, out comes a soothing narrator guiding you through the difficult decision of where to receive medical care. Then swing to character voice of a flustered skunk who happens to also be the town mayor and must handle the unfortunate situation of a bear not sharing his gardening tools with a mouse…and swing again to a documentary voice sharing the history of North Carolina’s beautiful lighthouses…and back to an announcer voicing how fabulously fabulous this weekend’s red hot car sale is going to be – So Come On Down!

When you’re a voice actor, variety really IS the spice of life. Just call me chili pepper.  Or pendulum girl.  The choice is yours.

The one thing I never swing from, however, is professionalism.  Years of experience in the teaching world and software industry taught me a thing or two on that little subject.  The quality of my studio and audio, the dependability of beating deadlines, the flexibility in scheduling, the promptness in communications, the experience in following direction/specs, the skills in applying the voice techniques…

I would go on but your time is precious so I’d rather say this:

I would love to create community, inspire adventure, evoke thought and connect people to your vision through your words.  I would love to work with you. Whether commercials, explainer videos, documentaries, corporate narration or children's apps, I would love to tell your story.

So lets talk.  (no pun intended....well, maybe just a little.)

Studio Specs: Custom booth, Lewitt 640, Focusrite with AG03, SourceConnect Standard, ipDTL, Phone Patch/Skype.  24/7 Turnaround.